Mar 25th - Farewell Lon Doherty - things I'll miss about you: the feedback, the drinking, the "fargin kasaki"; things I won't miss: the feedback, the drinking, the "fargin kasaki"! Seriously though if you are reading this we will miss you man. You were in the band for eight years - that is a long time for any relationship - we appreciate all you have given to this band. My favorite personal memory of you involves a post-show huddle after we opened for 54-40 in Clinton - I won't go into the details!

I was going to give a write up and rant a bit about the show last night but instead I'm not going to bother. I feel that we are turning a page and about to write a new chapter in the story of the ashgrove. Not just with Lon leaving either - we are entering a new time creatively and psychologically about what it means to be in this band right now. The material we are writing is the most heartfelt and personal and passionate music yet - involving everyone in the band. I am glad to be sharing more of the writing responsibilities with Jer and he is loving playing the electric guitar. On that note - I am going to pour myself another coffee, pick up my guitar and see if I can get some lyrics down for this new song before Jer does.

- Ryan

Mar 13th - The show at the 360 on Thursday the 25th will be the last gig that guitarist Lon Doherty will play with the Ashgrove. Lon has decided to leave the band. It is with great regret that the Ashgrove heard this news. The split is completely amicable and I am confident that Lon will share the stage with us again sometime, and will be a regular at our shows in Toronto. At least he better!

At first we thought of adding another guitarist to replace Lon, but after careful consideration and a couple of practices we have decided to continue as a four-piece. Jer is playing electric guitar now and we have changed things up a bit with respect to some of the song arrangements. With all due respect to Mr. Doherty (nothing but love bro!) the new sound is very exciting. We have decided to relax on the live shows for a while and work on new material and song arrangements for four musicians. Unlike the last record which took forever - we are already firing on all cylinders and have a lot of song ideas near completion. As we demo some of them I'll throw the audio files on the site and ask for some feedback. Expect a much more lively and dynamic record - we got all of our introspection and soft-rock out of our systems on 1000 Summers.

Thank you Lon Doherty for everything - we all love you like a brother and appreciate all you have given to the ashgrove.

- Ryan

Feb 15th – First off … sorry for not updating this part of the site for a year! The good news is that now that we are playing a lot more there will be more to write about.

Really looking forward to the 3 shows in Toronto we have coming up – this Friday @ Healey’s, March 3 @ The 360 (Canadian Music Week) and March 24th @ The 360 again (Emergenza Festival, round 2). Hope to see you all there.

The site will be changing soon and we are planning on keeping it up to date from now on – PROMISE!

Write more soon … see you Friday

- Ryan